Traveling the World While Continuing to Work Your 9-5; How To Find Balance & Succeed.

Post-pandemic life has us traveling more than ever, and with the ability to work remotely, our work-life balance has started to shift for the better. With this cultural change comes new tools, apps, services, and technology that make our dreams of traveling the world (with a steady income) more easily obtainable. 

The option to travel while working, or work while traveling, is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it also requires careful planning and organization to ensure productivity and a balanced work-life-travel routine. Here are some tips to help you work effectively while on the go:

  • Plan Ahead: Before embarking on your trip, establish a rough itinerary and schedule, taking into account your work commitments. Research the availability of reliable Wi-Fi, co-working spaces, and other essential resources at your travel destinations. 
  • Pack Smart: Bring the necessary tools and equipment for your work, such as a laptop, charger, portable Wi-Fi device, and any other tools you require. Download any apps that will help with work related tasks, such as Call From Work. Consider investing in a good quality travel bag or backpack that can safely store your work essentials.
  • Set Clear Goals: Determine your work objectives and prioritize tasks. Set specific goals for each day or week to maintain focus and ensure progress. Use productivity tools or apps to track your tasks and deadlines.
  • Communicate Effectively: Consider using an app such as Call From Work, which allows you to make outbound calls displaying your work number. This way, clients and colleagues will know who is calling and won’t have to bring your laptop with you just to have a quick meeting. 
  • Establish a Routine: Create a consistent work routine that aligns with your travel plans. Set dedicated work hours and allocate specific time slots for sightseeing or leisure activities. Consider setting your phone to “do not disturb” during non-working hours and if you do have to make a work call, make sure you are displaying your work phone number as your caller ID. Stick to your schedule as much as possible to maintain discipline and productivity.
  • Find Suitable Work Environments: Seek out quiet and productive spaces to work, such as co-working spaces, libraries, or quiet coffee shops with reliable internet access. Noise-canceling headphones can help you concentrate in noisy environments.
  • Plan for Time Zone Differences: If traveling across different time zones, consider how it will affect your work schedule and communication with colleagues or clients. Adjust your schedule accordingly and communicate your availability to others.
  • Take Breaks and Enjoy Your Surroundings: It’s essential to find a balance between work and travel experiences. Take regular breaks to relax, explore your destination, and immerse yourself in new cultures. Use your travel experiences to fuel your creativity and recharge your mind.
  • Stay Organized: Keep your work documents and files organized using cloud storage or project management tools. Back up your work regularly and consider using collaboration tools to stay connected with your team members. Keep your personal phone number private by changing your caller ID to reflect your work number. 
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Traveling and working simultaneously can be demanding. Make sure to prioritize self-care by getting enough sleep, eating well, and staying physically active. It will help you maintain focus, energy, and overall well-being.

Remember, flexibility and adaptability are key when working while traveling. Embrace the unique opportunities that come with the combination of work and travel, and enjoy the journey!